Significant of Competence Benchmarking

A competency is the ability of an individual to perform a job or task properly, being a set of defined knowledge, skills and behavior. The Framework provides a structured guide, enabling the identification, evaluation and development of those competencies in individual internal auditors.

IACB Qatar will outline core competencies recommended for each broad job level, namely internal audit staff, internal audit management and the chief audit executive from key industries in Qatar.
Each core competency is supported by a list of more detailed competencies that further define the core competency statement.

The benefits of IACB Qatar report is:

  • Internal Auditors – to understand current competencies and develop competencies that will help them meet their individual career objectives and industry benchmark;
  • Employers, other professions and the public – to use as a point of reference for the purpose of comparison or benchmarking with their own competency frameworks or to gain a clear and detailed view of the levels of expertise required by internal auditors;
  • The IIA and its affiliated Institutes – to develop strategies to support their position in the international community with respect to standard setting;
  • Students – to understand the competencies they would need to demonstrate to be successful internal auditors and to assist them in assessing their career development plans;
  • The Academic Community – to provide a listing of critical professional competencies to consider in course development to prepare students for entry into the profession;
  • Recruiters and HR professionals – to develop appropriate job descriptions and recruit suitably qualified staff.
  • Course Developers and Certification – groups within the profession to ensure courses and certifications develop and adequately assess the required competencies;

Internal Audit Department

It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. … Professionals called internal auditors are employed by organizations to perform the internal auditing activity.