Aarn Wennekers

Adviser to the Board (Corporate Governance and Assurance) @ Ministry of Energy&Industry

Aarn Wennekers is a seasoned assurance professional with 13 plus experience assisting CEO’s and CFO’s certify their quarterly and annual financial statements and working in and with internal audit function to provide reasonable assurance to Boards. He reports to the Minister of Energy and Industry for the State of Qatar in the capacity of Governance and Assurance Adviser. Aarn has a keen professional interest in ensuring Board and Corporate assurance functions provide maximum assurance value to shareholders, Boards, and Executive Management teams. He work includes a focus on ensuring auditors and assurance practitioners possess the appropriate balance of education, experience, and technical expertise to meet the high expectations for quality and value through continuous training and professional selfdevelopment. Aarn holds an MA from the University of Calgary, EMBA from Queen’s University (Canada), and is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certified Risk Management Auditor (CRMA) from the IIA (USA), and a Certified Internal Control Auditor (CICA) from the IIC (USA). He is currently writing a Doctoral dissertation on Risk Management.