Amer Morgan

Chief Internal Auditor @ Hassad Food

A business astute and experienced business professional specialising in implementing effective controls. Proactively drives system, process and procedural improvements while focusing on mitigating and managing risks and achieving full compliance. Having worked in various countries around the globe, I am confident leading multicultural and cross-functional teams, and take pride in providing training and development opportunities to ensure the staff operate at the highest possible standards. Following is summary of the professional experience I gained during the career journey:

Consultancy Services:
In consultancy services, I bring 25 years with extensive experience to provide clients with exceptional strategic insight into internal auditing, fraud and risk management, detailed enhancement opportunities, and deployment strategies. They ensure consistency through deep business subject matter expertise, client familiarity and a proven client engagement methodology.
I have deep knowledge of data, analytics and demonstrated the ability to synthesize this intelligence with the deep understanding of business practices to solve a complex business needs across industries that span different business sizes and market stages.

Instructor/ Trainer:
Extensive hands-on skills and experience in designing, implementing, and managing successful training programs related to the following:
1. Certified Internal Auditors (CIA).
2. Enterprise Risk Management and Crisis Management.
3. Internal Controls Design and Evaluation.
4. Corporate Governance.
5. Fraud Prevention Programs.